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Timesheets AI is the easiest way to track projects and work for different clients, and makes filling out your timesheets a breeze.

Drag and drop your projects onto a timeline of daily activity, and we'll learn which activities belong to each project—no more relying on manual timers!

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Take back control of your time

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A narrated warmup prepares you to set aside mental distractions and "mono-task"

Pre-session warmups

Make the most of your time

What will you do with the hours you rescue from timesheets and distractions?

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Mood music

Connect Spotify and pair your session with the perfect focus playlist

Work companions

Drop by our virtual workspace to focus with people around the world

Post-session reports

Check your Focus Session summary to watch your work habits improve

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Take back

control of

your time

Supercharge your focus and block distractions with features designed to change how you approach deep work. 

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